Friday, December 17, 2010

claus gnomy stop motion animation :)

In CyberARTS as a class we did stop motion animation, we chose to do picture of a gnome that lives in our garden :) It took us about three days to finish all the finger prints, keep in mind we had lights, an easel, a tripod and camera, and ten people running a round to get every thing organized. Our first animation and i think we did well as grade nine students. I hope you liked our animation and remember gnome's have feelings too so don't kick them to the side, keep them warm in the winter and shaded in the summer ... their always watching :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hunger PSA

Helloooooo everyone:) 
This is Nicole, Jessica & Matt's PSA. We chose the topic of Hunger. We were trying to explain how even the person we stand beside on a bus, or the person we sit beside in class could be starving, but we have no way of knowing. This is an issue that faces Canada, 38% of food bank users are children under the age of 18. This PSA was for our class video assignment. Hunger is an crucial issue, however the majority of us have a blind eye to it. Click here for more information, and donate to your local food bank, as any donation will help (We tried this on Jessica's blog, but it wasn't working). 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

PSA analysis

PSA analysis, In CyberARTS we were to find and PSA that stands out to you, I found this on, its a PSA about how kids learn from watching there parents talk, act, and do , our parents teach us to walk , talk and respect one another, but sometimes parents don't think when it come to fighting and making fun of other people because of there race, or colour of your skin. You may not realize but everyday parents let little comments slip from their mouths. whach this PSA about parents and what they should watch out for.

The focus on this video is to warn parents about watching what they say round their kids and in general , commenting on some ones race,  or colour of their skin can be very affencive to the person and when a parent says it around their kids it puts it in the kids head that it is ok to comment on other people when it is most of the time not. I like this video because I think it gets the clear point across. Making a video about how kids follow what parents say and do is an issue that is not really talked about and is a big issue all around. Useing  children in the PSA is really affective because its about parents teaching their kids what is right. Kids listen to every thing a parent has to say to them and others, and when a parent says or makes a wrong comment their child is still listening. Children telling parents that it is not okay to comment on other people gets the point across because its the child teaching the parent instead of the parent teaching the child. Changing the person speaking is really affective too because it sends a message saying that its not only one parent or person making comments its a lot of parents. The music is low and keeps a steady pace and that helps the viewer concentrate more on the video and getting the point across. I hope this video sends a message to you and makes you think about you say about people who look different.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

NFB animation :)

For CyberARTS we went to the NFB and made awesome PSA about Homophobia and violence against women

 hope you like it :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

artist statement for Narritive

 Narrative Artist Statement
 For CyberARTS we have been making our own Narratives that have to be in a 3D substrate ,what is a Narrative you ask, well a Narrative is a story that is created in a constructive format describing a sequence of fictional and non fictional events. For my Narrative I chose to do a continuous narrative which is a narrative that illustrates multiple scenes, actions and uses multiple and, repetitive characters. In my narrative there's three scenes the first scene shows anticipation, ( brave boy trying to rescue girl from octopus but by accident grabs umbrella instead of sword) an action ( boy jumping at octopus with umbrella to kill him to rescue girl) and a re-action which is the boy rescued  the girl and is by the boat safely and octopus swimming away with umbrella. Making my narrative I used chalked pastels and black permanent ink to out line the peaces so they were clearer to see. When I was making my art i struggled with sticking the peaces to my 3D substrate I tried glue but that didn't work that well because the peaces kept falling down, to fix my problem I used sticky tape to help the peaces from falling.